Ballet Teacher

General Information

Sabis International School
Job Type:
Education/ Training
Date Posted:
Mar 12, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Key Responsibilities:

- Enables the success of student academic achievement through implementation of the SABIS® Ballet curriculum and philosophy and through the consistent use of the SABIS® Point System™ of instruction.
- Has an oversight role for all students within the school setting, to ensure a safe academic environment conducive to learning and maintain the professional SABIS® image.
- Observes students to determine physical and artistic qualifications and limitations and plans programs to meet students' needs and aspirations.
- Reports regularly to the Head of Department regarding students’ performance and challenges, with recommendations for action and a summary of actions taken.
- Ensures proper planning and follow up for the academic progress of all students and works cooperatively with the Student Life and Student Management teams.
- Develop and train a team of students for competitions. This includes, but may not be limited to, the development of written practice plans, performance tracking and associated departmental reports.
- Develop and implement drills and activities related to the Points® of a lesson following the outline of Regional Ballet.
- Attend and judge the Inter-Choueifat Competitions.
- Choreograph and direct the end of year dance performance with all grade levels, which is developed throughout the year.

Ideal Requirements:

- Certificate in subject area to be taught
- Leadership and team management skills
- Interpersonal and communication skills
- Organizational and self-management skills; Ability to handle multiple responsibilities effectively
- Goal orientation; Planning and execution skills
- Problem solving abilities
- Dependability; Readiness to go above and beyond when necessary to reach goals

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