Team Leader

General Information

Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Apr 07, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The objective of this position is to organize, execute and control all activities related to the operation.

- Talented and passionate captain
- Funny and easy-to-go personality
- Self motivated and team player

Job Responsibilities:

1. Ensure all guest are greeted enthusiastically and all your team interact with guests in positively and professionally.
2. Be the Ambassador of fun: create an enjoyable play experience in our facility to encourage repeat visits.
3. Ensure the telephone is answered by all your team professionally.
4. Assist with the guest service exit-interview process as required, and provide immediate associates with positive and negative feedback as a result of the interviews, and correct any deficiencies immediately.
5. Keep professional records in the event of guest service deficiencies, complaints, accidents, or incidents and do the necessary measures to prevent its repetition
6. Assist management to assign, schedule and supervise staff in your areas to meet objectives.
7. Communicate sales targets with your team and help in developing and selling packages.
8. Participate in the training of your team to effectively perform all job responsibilities in Guest Services, Operations, Apparatus, Kids Supervision, First Aid and Emergency Procedures.
9. Execute and promote all marketing plans across different event types and different age groups.
10. Monitor inventory for events materials and take of the re-order process.
11. Ensure that all equipment is in excellent condition and notify management immediately of any deficiencies.
12. Maintain the party rooms in good operating conditions at all times.
13. Plan & prepare for parties, event and product launches.

- Bachelor degree in Hospitality
- Minimum 2 years experience as a Team Leader in the Hospitality Industry

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