Restaurant Team Leader

General Information

Casper & Gambinis
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Mar 22, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Prepares the weekly schedule and table rotation of employees, sends it to HOO for approval;
• Prepares the weekly sales report & sends it to HOO for approval (Supervisor Duty );
• Retrieves & prepares the transaction report (Gross & Net) for E-filing and submits it to the HOO;
• Manages the monthly & weekly crockery & general inventory and shows it to his / her direct reports (Supervisor Duty);
• Prepares all reports related to promo, deletes … and submits them to the HOO with clarifications;
• Prepares the General Order report (Based on Par level sheet) via Business Portal (Nonfood items) and sends it to the HOO for approval;
• Fills the Team Leader Log book & shares it with the Head of Operations;
• Supports the Head of Operations in the daily operation;
• Replaces & plays the role of the HOO (during his absence) in terms of handling all problems and taking decisions related to the operation (Supervisor Duty);
• Receives the daily cash out from waiters & prepares the report including tips sheet to the HOO accordingly;
• Follows up regarding all administrative duties related to team members;
• Fills all complaints related to the daily problems happened with customers and sends it to the HOO for approval;
• Checks the opening & closing procedures checklist to make sure that the floor is ready to host customers and supports his / her direct reports in it;
• Prepares the Fond de Caisse before shift in order to exchange money for waiters during service;
• Checks the cleanliness & maintenance of the restaurant on a daily basis and coordinates with the HOO accordingly;
• Coordinates with the Kitchen in Charge in case of any incident during the shifts;
• Handles the deletion of all promotions, wrong orders on the system & table transfers;
• Supports all staff during rush hours & coordinates with kitchen in case of any problem;
• Solves all problems related to customers & visits each table for having feedback to measure the level of customer satisfaction;
• Hosts all customers & handles the waiting list in case of any;
• Handles all take away orders from customers;
• Manages closing procedures & follows up on checklist;
• Leads, manages & coaches all team members;
• Follows up on the induction program of new joiners and provides feedback accordingly;
• Performs other related tasks might as required from management

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