Industrial Expert

General Information

PFC International
Job Type:
Management Consulting
Date Posted:
Mar 15, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Executive Summary:
PFC International is an international business consultancy firms located in Lebanon and in many countries in the GCC.
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1. The Expert will work with one governmental agency in Qatar

2. The Expert will be resident in Qatar for 12 months working in the premises of the related governmental agency.

3. The Expert will be supervised by PFC International.

Job Description:

4. Prepare technical studies necessary to develop the performance of the existing industrial establishments and follow up and evaluate their implementation.

5. Prepare rehabilitation studies and feasibility studies for industrial projects.

6. Participate in the assessment of existing industries from the technical point of view, including testing the production methods used, equipment, industrial plants planning, production plans and monitoring and production costs calculation.

7. The consultants will work with governmental agency teams to prepare detailed project plans for manufacturing strategy programs, refine the strategy programs (if needed) and conduct the required feasibility analysis for the selected projects in 2019.

8. Support the governmental agency on regular functions and ad-hoc official requests.

9. Following up Industrial policy issues, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

10. Preparing an online guide and library for policies, regulations, information needed for industrial investors and link it with Single Window.

11. Provide support for Bilateral/multilateral dialogue speech note and presentation

12. Project management and external liaison for industrial activities.

13. Other ad-hoc official services as requested by the Ministry

14. Delivering capacity building and on site supports

15. Internal data analytics training, on regular basis or on an on-demand basis

16. Designing a national program for engaging Qatar entrepreneurs and SMEs in energy sector projects.

17. Conducting independent and joint industrial studies on Impact and feasibility studies.

18. Industrial studies based on The Ministry statistics and other local and international databases

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