Hostess- Duty free branch

General Information

Hallab 1881 SAL
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Lebanon - Tripoli
Date Posted:
Aug 07, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Reports to his line manager with all duties and responsibilities.
• Greets customers personally when they enter the branch.
• Ensures and communicate with the showroom supervisor for the proper setup of dining and service areas.
• Offers appropriate seats using decent and friendly conduct.
• Presents the menu to every seated customer.
• Takes over the waiting list customers and makes sure proper guidance.
• Ensures cleanliness and readiness of stations.
• Resolves guests’ concerns in a prompt manner and interferes whenever needed with the communication of the customer service supervisor.
• Liaises between staff and customers to ensure great service
• Handles minor incidents that cannot be resolved by the staff.
• Communicate with customers to fill the comments cards and ask the customers to provide feedbacks.
• Works with management on customer service initiatives.
• Covers any gap of a staff shortage during emergency vacations and unexpected leaves or absence.
• Complies with the company’s policies and procedures.
• Maintains safe working conditions for employees and guests.
• Performs other duties pertinent to this job as assigned.

Company Profile