Senior Accountant - Saida

General Information

Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Lebanon - Saidon
Date Posted:
Feb 21, 2020
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1. Audit and Reconcile daily transactions, including accounts payable/receivable, general ledger and descriptions posted on the system.
2. Audit the reconciliation of the statement of account for the banks with the system balances.
3. Audit all the cash boxes and petty cash in our local subsidiaries on weekly basis.
4. Audit the asset and confirm the posted transactions.
5. Insure that all payments are allocated on the correct account number
6. Prepare quarterly and year – end closing statements (balance sheet and income statement).
7. Prepare and submit the company’s financial statements.
8. Audit travel expenses.
9. Audit Payroll and follow up with the HR Department on the cycle of the salaries.
10. Coordinate with the supply chain department on the shortage cycle
11. Reconcile the count of the stock on the system with the physical count sent from the warehouses and monitor the differences on monthly basis.
12. Monitor the shipping costs
13. Coordinate with the Shipping department in our local subsidiaries to ensure that all shipping costs are being paid within the time limit period.
14. Monitor client’s allocation in our local subsidiaries.
15. Assist the accounting department in our local subsidiaries to prepare and submit the financial reports to the external auditors.
16. Follow up on credit policy and credit limit.
17. Audit the tax added value sheet and reconcile it with the system before submitting.
18. Prepare all other requested reports to the management
19. Monitor expenses related to prepaid rent , prepaid insurance and registration

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