Programming Teacher in China

General Information

Coding First
Job Type:
Science/ Technology
Date Posted:
Aug 29, 2019
1800-2400 USD
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee



Explore China while being a programming teacher!
Be a programming teacher in Chengdu, China while you explore this beautiful country rich of history and touristic places.
Coding First is seeking a scientifically adventurous computer scientist or engineer with experience in a programming language such as Python, Java, php or C++ to move to the beautiful and High-Tech city Chengdu in China. The teacher will engage in teaching programming to students aged 5 to 18.

Job scope

Your job typically involves the following:

-Teaching students aged 5-18 various programming related courses
-Programming Curriculum development
-As part of your job, you will be required to learn and improve your spoken Chinese skills in order to be able to deliver classes in Chinese. This is a mandatory requirement for the job and the company will follow closely on your Chinese spoken progress.

Employee package

Your net salary after tax is 11000-14000 RMB/month, payable at the end of each month. The company will be paying your taxes on your behalf. As a full-time employee, the company will bear the costs of your health insurance and visa fees.
The company will also provide one round trip ticket per year between China and your home country.
The company will provide a housing allowance of 2000 RMB/month which allows you to rent a decent apartment close to the office.
Total package in USD (1800-2300 USD depending on skills) +insurance, flight tickets and housing.

Job Requirements:

" the date of your bachelor degree graduation, as shown on your bachelor diploma, needs to be before September 2017
" Fluent in English
" Advanced knowledge in a programming language such as Python, C++, Java, PhP or HTML/CSS/JavaScript
" Academic concentration in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
" Extremely strong self-motivator and self-starter
" Loves to work with kids and teenagers


Working hours are 10 AM till 7:00 PM, 5 days per week. During the Summer and Winter coding camps (July, August and February) you will be required to work 6 days/week. Your off-work days are Monday and Tuesday. You are required to work on weekends.
Your contract is expected to end on August the 1st, 2021 and it comes with a 4-month probation period during which the employer or you can decide to terminate the contract at any time after providing a one-month notice. After the end of your employment, both parties will discuss your employment extension and the possibility of open contract employment.

Home Leave

You are entitled to 15 paid vacation days per year that cannot be carried forward from one year to the next. Your vacations are such that you cannot miss more than 4 weekend days per year.

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