Sales Consultant

General Information

Job Type:
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Oct 20, 2020
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Brief

We are looking for a talented sales consultant with a proven track record of helping businesses increase their sales numbers and improving their sales associates’ performance to join our management consultancy team. Ultimately, a typical sales consultant shall monitor, analyze, and interpret sales data to assess the current performance in order to suggest sales strategies to enhance such performance and attain a sustainable sales growth for our clients.

Key Responsibilities

• Study our clients’ profiles, operations, products/services, costs, prices, profit margins to better assess their sales needs.
• Study the benefits and advantages of the offered products/services versus the competition and the industry.
• Study industry trends, competition status, and commercial opportunities.
• Identify market segments and develop a well-structured plan to target them and increase the exposure of the offered products/services.
• Work on sales penetration plans for new areas and markets.
• Forecast sales projections, work with clients to set sales targets and develop relevant strategies to achieve it.
• Ensure the sales team force is positive and are geared up for the challenge.
• Follow up on adopted sales strategies with the client and the sales workforce to ensure alignment and steadiness in achieving the set target.
• Categorize customers into relevant classes and study their trends in terms of sales, receivables, product/service mix versus the adopted classes/categories.
• Track the market’s ups and downs and keep an eye on the latest innovations/trends in the studied industry.
• Study the need for discounts and promotions and support our clients with adopted advertisement campaigns.
• Work on product/service bundles and offers by studying individual and collective profit contribution margins and the expected sales projections given the adopted bundles and offers.
• Provide sales training to our clients and their sales team as deemed necessary.
• Teach the sales workforce about converting leads to realized sales through good communication, follow-ups and positive attitude.
• Advise the sales team on the message/impression to be imprinted in the customers’ minds to well-position the product/service.
• Advise our clients on participation in trade shows, exhibitions, networking with local associations
• Adopt, where and when necessary, IT solutions to facilitate and promote sales efforts and enhance the use of sales data for analysis and decision making.
• Advise on good after sales service to customers to increase customer loyalty and retention.
• Maintain a proper reporting system to extract the maximum benefit from recorded sales data.
• Collaborate with the marketing department to prepare common strategies

• Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or any related field.
• Master Degree is a plus.
• At least 7 years of experience in Sales Management.
• In-depth knowledge of Sales Tools and Techniques
• Transferable set of sales skills across industries.
• Familiarity with CRM programs and customer trends statistical analysis
• Advanced interpersonal skills and ability to be both a leader and a team player.
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent analytical skills
• Excellent negotiation skills
• Proficiency in MS Office.
• Proficiency in English and Arabic. French is a plus.

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