Outlet Headwaiter (Hotel experience is a must)

General Information

Lancaster Eden Bay
Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Dec 31, 2019
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


•He / She supervises and heads (hands on) the service activities in the outlet aiming all times for the highest possible customer satisfaction.
•When reporting for duty, he/she will check with the Outlet Manager to bring himself up-to-date on the daily events and theme nights being held in the outlet on that particular day.
•To make sure that all areas of the restaurant have been properly set up according to Hotel Policies & Procedures.
•Half an hour before the outlet opens; he/she will personally inspect all set-ups, cleanliness and test all electrical and other equipment to make sure that everything is in perfect working condition.
•Responsible for the timing of the outlet and in this report he will work in close cooperation with the chef and stewarding department.
•Responsible for the proper coordination of all service personal in the Outlet.
• During Service he/she will assist and help the guest in every possible way, exceeding expectation wherever possible.
•He/She will coordinate their stations making sure uniformity of service and correct services are adhered to.
•On completion of service he/she will personally take inventory.
•Responsible for making up the daily payroll for all Outlet staff and submitting them to the Accounting Department.
•Responsible for the storing of all equipment after service and for keeping it in proper working condition.
• Works in close cooperation with the Kitchen and Stewarding as well as the restaurant cashiers to ensure a smooth running operation.
• He / she conducts / attends regular training sessions with the assigned team in line with the departmental SOP’s i.e. guest care, product knowledge, grooming standards, up selling, etc.
•Monitor’s duty schedules for the respective team.
•Ensures the proper appearance (condition of uniforms) and grooming of assigned staff.
•Works towards the timely set up of the assigned Food & Beverage outlet, according to the meal settings and in line with the opening hours.

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