Marketing Digital Specialist - Kuwait

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Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 26, 2020
$2500 + $600 Housing + $200 Tr
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Marketing Automation Specialist

Primary Responsibilities:
• Managing day-to-day marketing tasks, such as running and monitoring weekly marketing promotions
• Creating new campaigns within Infusion soft
• Maintaining and refining existing campaigns, often with a focus on simplifying and streamlining their structure without losing effectiveness
• Implementing the technical components that support our digital marketing campaigns, e.g., Infusion-soft campaigns, landing pages, automation links, membership software, etc.
• Devising and tracking metrics to measure the success of our marketing efforts
• Liaising with the customer support team to ensure they are fully briefed on upcoming promotions

Typical day-to-day tasks you will be required to do:
• Tagging the right contacts for an upcoming promotion and inserting them into the appropriate automated campaign
• Checking the status of contacts on a daily basis to make sure they are moving through campaigns without getting “stuck”
• Planning and maintaining our marketing calendar, ensuring that the proper promotions run each and every week
• Creating the necessary documentation for customer support to effectively respond to inquiries about the campaign, such as the price of products, links to order forms, etc.
• Reviewing and responding to help desk tickets our customer support team flags as needing special attention from the marketing team
• Setting up landing pages using Thrive Content Builder and WordPress, including minor HTML editing, inserting code snippets, etc.
• Getting different online apps to work together to implement a connected workflow, for example: Infusionsoft CRM, PlusThis, iMember360, payment gateways, etc.
• Capturing and analyzing key metrics, including product sales, campaign engagement stats, email conversion, etc. and making data-driven recommendations
• A/B testing of emails and landing pages
• Setting up and running the technical aspects of webinars
• Keeping our email list of over 100K subscribers well-segmented and pruned of inactive contacts
• Identifying and implementing ways to monitor student engagement, satisfaction, and success rates
• Running large-scale manual and semi-automated product launches
• Clearly documenting marketing campaigns and core processes
Requirements for the position:
• Experience with Infusion-soft (Keap) or equivalent full-featured marketing automation system
• A “techie brain” that can think through the complex logic of our automated campaigns
• A basic understanding of marketing funnels (i.e., you should understand terms like “opt in page,” “autoresponder,” and “sales letter”)
• Good planning and organizational skills with a focus on results
• Effective self-management (i.e., you can stay productive at home with nobody watching you)
• A keen understanding of spreadsheets and databases, as well as top-notch Excel skills
• The ability to communicate effectively through text (much of our team communication goes through either Slack or email)
• Open, proactive and collaborative approach to team working.
• A conscientious attitude and excellent attention to detail – in other words you understand that sometimes you do need to sweat the small stuff!
Beneficial but not required:
• Some kind of programming experience
• Technical skills including configuring and maintaining membership plugins, webinar software, WordPress installations and plugins, external APIs, payment processors, etc.
• Basic graphic design skills for landing page layouts
• Basic web page design and coding experience (HTML, CSS, etc.)
• Basic video editing skills for tweaking the creating and tweaking sales videos

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