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Chemonics Beirut - LED Project
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Date Posted:
Sep 08, 2020
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Full-Time Employee


Project Background
The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) project is an activity of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), implemented by Chemonics International, whose goal is to increase employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens by supporting local enterprises to grow. However, due to multiple short- and long-term challenges, and now recent shocks, Lebanon’s private sector is struggling to create economic opportunities and jobs. LED works with business owners/managers to identify credible growth opportunities and/or key constraints preventing businesses from growing and then provides customized high-quality business consulting/advisory services, training, and coaching/mentoring support to enable Lebanese enterprises to expand their activities, increase sales and create jobs. LED will also work with enterprises to find solutions that will help them manage the current crises, e.g. financial, health, and logistics since the Beirut explosion. Over time, LED will also prioritize selected business enabling environment problems and work with the relevant stakeholders to analyze these issues and propose the needed solutions.

Objective of Position
The Director of Business Promotion position is a senior and key position on the LED team. The director will be responsible for LED’s enterprise engagement component, the project’s core component, and will play a leading role to outreach to the private sector, identify enterprises that qualify for LED assistance, and to correctly identify business opportunities or key constraints that inhibit enterprise and sector growth and competitiveness.

Specific Duties, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities
• Maintain overall responsibility for LED’s business promotion activities, including outreach to the private sector, diagnosis of business opportunities and challenges, and client firm selection.
• Review and refine LED’s enterprise selection criteria and process for identifying and selecting client firms from different regions of the country to receive firm-level assistance.
• Advise on what type of technical assistance best meets enterprises’ needs and consider ways to deliver such support effectively, efficiently, and at scale, e.g. by grouping like-minded firms.
• Oversee the daily work of eight (8) regional business advisors, employed through LED subcontractors Berytech and BIAT, who serve as LED’s frontline staff to identify enterprises for LED support, diagnose their needs and opportunities, and recommend firms for LED support.
• Develop collaborative relationship with key external partners with whom LED can collaborate and create a strong network with other international development agencies supporting SME’s in Lebanon to eliminate duplication and utilize support towards the development of SME’s
• Provide timely reporting to the Managing Director and other senior staff, to identify and solve problem early; capture, record and communicate LED’s results; and enabling effective oversight and use of LED’s subcontractors and technical service providers.
• Provide technical guidance to consultants and subcontractors engaged to support LED client firms and help to ensure that all scopes of work, task orders, and project documentation are compliant with Chemonics, the contract, and USAID regulations.
• Review all deliverables to ensure compliance with Chemonics, contract, and USAID standards.
• Provide input into LED’s communications and learning activities with other senior staff.
• Provide significant input to weekly activity updates, monthly performance reports, quarterly progress reports, annual reports, and annual work plans.
• Coordinate annual evaluation of personnel and subcontractors.
• Create as needed templates and systems to ensure program efficiency.
• Provide support and insight in the development of LED’s grants portfolio and serve as a regular member of the project grants committee.
• Support in the preparation of up-to-date, meaningful and verifiable quantitative and qualitative information for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
• Address any personnel problems or requests for mediation/conflict resolution and escalate those to the COP as appropriate
• Perform all other project duties as assigned by the COP

The Director of Business Promotion will report to the Managing Director or his designee.

• A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in management, business, or other field relevant to LED technical activities in enterprise level support.
• A minimum of five years of recent experience (within the last ten years) related to private business, including engagement in, or facilitation of business transactions or business consultancy.
• Relevant experience in the private sector in the role of managing, developing, and deploying innovations and efficiencies in businesses with demonstrated results in helping firms expand.
• A minimum of one year of management experience and demons

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