SeniorTechnician ( Coffee Machines )

General Information

Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Jan 08, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


For a Quality leader in its field, that provides high end Coffee, Tea, & related machinery to 5 stars hotels, high end restaurants/cafes, & offices (ex: Phoenicia hotel, Kempinski, Paul le Boulanger, Crepaway, European Community...)

Job Description:

- Reports to the direct manager on a daily basis about maintenance and technical issues.
- Notes the detail daily In/Out log of all machines ensuring priority of work and time frames.
- Monitors the workshop machines and ensuring that they are clean and in excellent working condition.
- Signs and approves all repaired and refurbished machines report after doing all necessary checkups.
- Conducts regular audits of machines in the market.
- Requests and replenish spare parts, local parts and imported.
- Fills and manages the daily log of missing parts for all machines being repaired.
- Orders spare parts on a regular basis to make sure machines are fully repaired.
- Checks old machines to see which parts can be used before dismantling.
- Follows up upcoming installations at clients with the Operation dpt. to ensure stock of machines.
- Makes sure to have an updated record of the technical dept. (Contacts) of clients.
- Conducts daily briefings for the technical team with regular reminder of our values and missions & ensures the technical team is groomed and dressed according to internal regulations.
- Assigns daily duties for the indoor and outdoor technical team along with continuous follow up and feedback.
- Trains the technical team regularly and Supports and advise them whenever they need any technical advice.
- Offers technical support to our clients over the phone.
- Prepares, send and explains to the clients our repair quotations and takes clients' approval before repairing.
- Conducts technical and repair visits to our clients when needed.


Years of experience:
Min: 5 years of experience

Computer Skills:
Word, Excel, Pims is an asset.

Fluent in English & Arabic (Read, Write, Speak).

Duty Time:
Monday till Friday 7:30 AM till 5:30 PM.


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