Kitchen Commi - dbayeh area

General Information

Casper & Gambinis - dbayeh
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Jan 19, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Prepares portions and fills his / her daily section as per the Par Level Preparation list Vs. FIFO method during opening;
• Checks bad quality products, labels & expiry dates and reports it to his/her direct supervisor;
• Fills the thawing & defrosting food Log reports;
• Keeps his/her station and area clean and filled at all times as per the Par Level Preparation;
• Makes sure that his/her section and cutleries are clean and ready to be used;
• Supports the person in charge to prepare CPU & Main Spring orders request;
• Makes sure to produce best items with best quality, design & timing as per C & G standards;
• Prepares his / her section and fills it for next shift;
• Cleans his / her station and makes sure to take out all bad quality products during closing;
• Makes sure to cook within safe temperature & zone;
• Defrosts products when needed taking into consideration the danger zone;
• Attends to work fully dressed as per C & G’s standards and pays attention to his / her personal hygiene;
• Performs other related tasks might be required from management

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