Barista - Beirut

General Information

Casper & Gambinis - Dbayeh
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Jan 19, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Handles the opening & closing of the daily checklists;
• Checks labels & expiry dates of items on a daily basis;
• Assures that all machines are checked during opening;
• Cleans all stations & prepares all raw materials as per opening preparation list;
• Controls the daily wastage in an effective manner and logs it on the Logbook;
• Performs the Bar transfers ( Bar to Kitchen & Kitchen to Bar );
• Makes sure that the coffee raw materials are filled in machines;
• Delivers coffee on time and follows the recipes, measures & standards of C&G ;
• Coordinates with the HOO / Team Leader for upselling items;
• Runs the inventory on a daily basis;
• Conducts the physical inventory on a weekly & monthly basis;
• Prepares the general & roaster orders as per the preparation list and submits them to his superior to be sent to suppliers;
• Fills the Bar Logbook for a healthy handing over between shifts;
• Makes sure to measure the temperature of refrigerators & logs it on the daily storage unit temperature;
• Cleans the Bar and prepares all related items for the next shift;
• Makes sure that all machines are turned off before leaving the shift;
• Attends to work fully dressed as per C & G’s standards and pays attention to his / her personal hygiene;
• Performs other related tasks as required from management.

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