Accountant and administrative assistant

General Information

Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Oct 15, 2020
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Description:
-Manage petty cash account
-Ensure timely and accurate accounting data entries
-Maintain accounts payable and Accounts receivable
-Issue suppliers payments and follow up on customers settlements
-Prepare bank reconciliations
-Conduct balance reconciliations and confirmation with suppliers and customers
-Spot and Reconcile discrepancies
-Compute Taxes, NSSF and submit reports and payments to authorities within the proper deadlines
-Manage the archiving of accounting and financial documents
-administering payroll payments, vacations, benefits,...etc
-Maintain HR documents and filing
-Maintain administrative tasks
-Organize legal and official files and communicate with lawyers and banks
-Coordinate with auditors for all related matters
-Report to management regarding the daily transactions.
-Coordinate with team and follow the departmental procedures

-A Bachelors degree in accounting, or a Bachelors degree in business with emphasis in accounting, is required.
-2 to 3 years of experience in accounting position
-Must be a perfectionist by nature, with no tolerance for financial sloppiness.
-Must be skilled in dealing with financial and numeric data.
-Must be skilled in use of Excel Spreadsheets.
-organizational skills and ability to manage deadlines, and work on tight schedules
-Ability to work on multiple companies books/ accounting systems/ jurisdictions
-Good communication skills, having a positive attitude and teamwork spirit
-Good language knowledge, mastering Arabic, English and French

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