Executive Housekeeper - 5 Star Hotel

General Information

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Job Type:
Hospitality/ Travel
Date Posted:
Jan 07, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


- Responsible for the operation of all Housekeeping functions in guestrooms, offices and public areas, including corridors and stairwells.

- Establishes standards of cleanliness of areas under his/her control.

- Instigates working rules and practices to meet these standards.

- Cooperates with Human Resources department in establishing training programs, methods and procedures for development of employees.

- Balances staff working schedules to meet peak and slack periods while remaining within union and labour law requirements.

- Maintains a close payroll control.

- Maintains a close liaison with Front Office to ascertain and meet anticipated guest check-ins and outs.

- Makes periodic inspections of all areas to check on Housekeeping standards, and issues necessary orders to correct shortcomings.

- Meets regularly with Engineering and Laundry departments to ensure smooth flow of supplies and repair work.

- Responsible for guestrooms linen inventories and assists with Food & Beverage linen inventories.

- Prepares annual linen budget basing the calculation on quantity in inventory and linen losses.

- Supervises and arranges the taking of physical inventories at the frequency determined by Management.

- Responsible for the inventory of guestroom and cleaning supplies, ordering replacement when necessary.

- Prepares annual Housekeeping (FF&E) and Operating Equipment budget in consultation with Management.

- Prepares annual uniform budget.

- Maintains linen room and repair services.

- Makes recommendation to Management for modernization of equipment, methods or supplies.

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