General Information

Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Feb 17, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Location: Baalback – Hermel

Reporting to: Clinic Manager and Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) Coordinator

Scope of Work:
-Act as the entry point to the reproductive health (RH) services at the PHC center
-Provide regular follow up with pregnant women at the PHC to ensure they attended minimum four antenatal care visits, one post-natal visit to avoid complications
-Prepare pregnant women for birth through training exercises and educate women on personal hygiene
-Provide reproductive health counseling including Family Planning (FP) counseling, in addition to counseling on maternal and child health at the PHC level, as well as at community level
-Conduct health education and awareness sessions with regards to RH services in the PHC and community outreach targeting both men and women
-Prevent contamination through cleaning material and sterilization of the medical equipment at the PHC
-Organize and keep complete basic health information and health files for all beneficiaries on RH services
-Conduct screening for STIs and Pap smear tests as needed
-Educate mothers about the importance of breastfeeding, FP, immunization, and how to take care of their children
-Follow-up with home visits as needed
-Compile monthly statistical report on the number of pregnant women followed up, women & men provided with FP counseling as well as beneficiaries targeted through health education at the PHC and community level
-Report data on the people reached through outreach RH awareness, number of people referred to the PHC as well as RH indicators at the PHC level (ANC, PNC, FP counseling etc.)
-Ensure credible patient education on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to pregnant women, lactating women, and all beneficiaries benefitting from RH services.
-Provide necessary RH services to beneficiaries during the period of the spread of COVID-19
-Ensure proper follow up on beneficiaries benefiting from RH services during the period of the spread of COVID-19

-Achieved a relevant university degree in midwifery “sage-femme”
-Holder of a license from the Ministry of Public Health recognizing the validity of the degree obtained and authorizing the applicant to practice the midwifery profession
-Minimum 1 year of experience in PHCs/ dispensaries
-Previous experience in similar position is a plus
-Must abide at all times by the ethics pertaining to the midwifery profession
-Patient and dedicated
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-Fluency in Arabic and English. French is a plus

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