Kitchen Manager

General Information

Casper & Gambinis
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Jan 09, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Verifies the defrosting Food Log report after the Kitchen Member finishes from the process and informs him/ her accordingly;
• Sends the Transfer Requisition (CPU Order) Bakery/Pastry/Sushi reports to the CPU for preparing the needed materials;
• Sends the Afternoon Request (Vegetables …) to the CPU for preparing needed materials as per the Par Level list;
• Sends the Wastage Report prepared by the Supervisor/Team Leader on a daily basis to the Head Office;
• Sends the General Order through using the Business Portal to “Main Spring” as per the Par Level list;
• Handles the Transfer process of Items/raw materials between branches;
• Coordinates with the HOO concerning any maintenance issue;
• Manages all administrative duties (Leaves, Attendance….);
• Prepares the weekly employee schedule based on operation needs;
• Gives directions regarding daily staff meal preparation & controls its monthly cost;
• Controls the wastage & other costs of the kitchen as per OFA standards;
• Receives raw materials from suppliers and makes sure temperature, quality & quantity received are equal to the RM requested and all products are entered to the stock as per FIFO method;
• Makes sure the main stock is clean, organized and expiry dates of products are checked as per FIFO method;
• Handles the personal hygiene checklist and monitors the hygiene of his / her team members;
• Checks the opening & closing procedures on a daily basis;
• Assembles all food items in one order and makes sure of the quality and presentation/ design of the items;
• Packs all take away orders and ensures all orders are prepared as per the customer request;
• Observes the thermometer calibration process 1-2 per month to be on the safe side before checking the cooking & reheating temperatures;
• Monitors on a daily basis the temperature of freezer and refrigerators for the food items of each section and enters them on the sheet;
• Monitors the labeling process of raw materials (Production & Expiry dates) and audits all sections continuously in terms of cleaning / expired products / FIFO products;
• Checks on a daily basis the raw materials that his/her members have to prepare for his / her section as per the Par Level standards;
• Manages the heavy cleaning procedure;
• Manages the physical & nonphysical (Database) inventory;
• Checks the washing area on a daily basis;
• Ensures that all produced Raw Materials are prepared are per the Par Level Preparation List;
• Updates the par Level List (Related to General Order request) periodically based on operation needs;
• Coordinates with the Head of Operations for upselling /Competitions items;
• Trains & develops his direct members continuously;
• Performs other related tasks as requested by the management.

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