Project Manager- Resident Engineer

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jan 04, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Civil Engineer/ Architect with more than 15 years of experience in managing Construction projects as the Consultant/Owner representative on Site.

• Issue of possession of Site Certificate after the handing over of site from the Municipality to the Contractor
• Approve the Contractor’s Organization Chart, Method Statement, Construction Program and Layout of Temporary Facilities
• Ensure all exchange of correspondence with the contractor’s agent, client’s representative and the Company team through delegation of correspondence to site and service engineers
• Ensure proper tracking of all incoming letters, shop drawings and materials submitted for timely action by the concerned staff
• Ensure the safekeeping of copies of permits issued by the Municipality and Undertaking jointly made the client and Company as well all other project related documents such as Guarantees, Performance Bond etc
• Monitor the expiry of project related documents such as performance bonds etc and ensure their renewal through instructions to the contractor
• Review applications for payment made by the contractor; adopt appropriate measures to avoid and prevent any claims from the same
• Ensure preparation of monthly project progress reports
• Attend Progress and Coordination Meetings with contractors and sub-contractors to discuss all aspects of the project
• Review the contractor’s quality plan and the overall systems for the checking of works and ensuring remedial works in case of non-compliance
• Ensure checking of all records of safety measures kept on site by the contractor
• Respond to any queries related to the contract documents that may be requested by the Client or the Contractor
• Ensure technical compliance of materials to specifications through ordering tests conducted by the site engineers
• Issue of site work instructions and variation orders based on alteration requirements issued by clients

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