Quality control senior executive-kfar selhan-Metn-3375000 LBP

General Information

Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Jan 24, 2021
3375000 LBP
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


> Samples & Inspects incoming material and conduct laboratory testing
> Authorizes the receipt of all incoming raw materials at specialized temporary locations
> Maintains the water treatment by a daily water test (chemical and physical test)
> Preforms an internal “Physical, Chemical & Microbiological” Laboratory analysis tests for each batch produced “Juice and Vinegar”.
> Approves the storage of Produced items in a special Temporary.
> Calibrates of measuring devices and complete related records
> Conducts regular inspection of production area during production (Sorting, Pressing, Filling) and during cleaning (CIP) and check for adherence to the governing policies and procedures.
> Reports Quality or Hygiene breaches directly to the CEO and keeps him informed of quality control progress within the factory.
> Monitors CCP and reports deviations of CCP critical limits.
> Ensures personal hygiene standards of all staff performing at various areas of activity.
> Checks and ensure appropriate hygiene practices in the plant.
> Maintains records and report and if changes are required inform concerned superiors for necessary action
> Trains staff on basic food hygiene requirement (trainings)
> Reports to the maintenance supervisor any problem or equipment malfunction that may affect product safety
> Supervises proper implementation of ISO 22000 and reports deviations to the CEO.
> R&D: assist to set new recipes to create new products.
> Performs all QC related requested tasks.
Bachelor Degree from a reputable University in: Food Science, Food Engineering, Agricultural Engineering.

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