Kitchen Team Leader - Dbayeh Area

General Information

Pan Pot
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Feb 25, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Ensures to monitor his direct reports on the opening procedures through the use of checklist;
• Checks the cooking & reheating items and reports it to his / her superior to log it in the daily Logbook;
• Supports the daily operation during rush hours and handles any section in case of staff shortage;

• Fills the daily logbook and submits it to his/ her superior (Supervisor Duty);
• Checks the sections of all the team members in terms of portioning, items filling & preparation as per the par level preparation list Vs. FIFO method during opening;
• Checks the stations of all team members in terms of quality, labels & expiry date of products and reports it to his direct report;
• Prepares CPU & transfer request orders (Sushi) on a daily basis as per the Par Level Purchase Order list and sends them to the central kitchen;
• Presents wastage, staff meal & transfer to bar reports to his direct manager;
• Supports his / her superior in the physical inventory & daily inventory;

• Supports his / her superior in case needed to assemble the food items on the pass & coordinates with the food busser accordingly;
• Advises, coaches & trains his / her team members continuously;
• Checks his/ her personal hygiene on a daily basis;
• Ensures all team members are following the closing procedures through the use of checklist;
• Makes sure that all members are producing best items with best timing & design as per C & G’s standards;
• Follows up on the induction program of new joiners and provides feedback accordingly;
• Performs other related tasks as required from management

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