Patient Safety Officer - Hospital in Iraq

General Information

Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Nov 24, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


For a new hospital in Iraq:

Job Title: Patient Safety Officer
Job Location: Iraq

Job Brief: The hospital is looking for a dedicated patient safety officer to join its team. Patient safety officers work in healthcare facilities to ensure that patients receive quality healthcare. They help shape the way that healthcare services are provided so that mistakes can be avoided.

Job Responsibilities
• Provide leadership and direction to organizational patient safety strategy
• Continuously evaluate and improve patient safety programs based on internal needs and external requirements
• Conduct annual assessments of patient risks and work to manage those risks
• Ensure the development of surveillance systems to identify and mitigate potential patient harm
• Ensure hospital staff prioritize patient safety in their actions through constant awareness sessions and follow up
• Encourage hospital staff to report concerns and incidents
• Address patient safety issues with concerned staff and contribute to staff performance measurement
• Create policies and procedures on patient safety for hospital staff to follow
• Investigate areas where mistakes are common and identify contributing factors in order to resolve them

Job Specifications
• Bachelor Degree in a relevant healthcare field
• At Least 3 years of experience as a patient safety officer
• Excellent writing skills
• Analytical Skills
• Strong Communication and Leadership Skills
• Decision making and problem solving skills

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