Radiology Technician - Hospital in Iraq

General Information

Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Nov 24, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


For a new hospital in Iraq:

Job Title: Radiology Technician
Job Location: Iraq

Job Brief: The hospital is looking for qualified Radiology Technicians to join its team. A Radiology Technician works with a Radiologist to diagnose and treat patients using diagnostic imaging examinations like X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. The Radiology Technician will prepare patients and equipment for radiology procedures, perform the tests, and maintain the equipment

Job Responsibilities
• Completing the patients' intake process, taking patients' histories, and preparing and educating patients about the imaging procedure.
• Reviewing patients' charts and Doctors' notes before the examination, and maintaining patients' records during and after procedures.
• Preparing radiopharmaceuticals for contrast in the diagnostic images.
• Positioning patients and equipment to capture the correct area and produce clear images.
• Monitoring patients and ensuring their safety during imaging procedures.
• Calibrating the equipment to ensure clear, usable images are taken of the correct area, as specified by the Doctor.
• Logging and organizing image results, developing film, assisting with the interpretation of the radiograph results, and consulting with Radiologists to determine if other images need to be taken.
• Ensuring the proper sterilization and storage of the equipment, maintaining radiographic equipment, and reporting any equipment failures.
• Coordinating with the radiology department to schedule and complete radiographic procedures.
• Maintaining up to date knowledge of current radiology practices.

Job Specifications
• An Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Radiography or Radiologic Technology.
• A license and certification to practice.
• Excellent communication, interpersonal, and patient service skills.
• Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
• The ability to operate and understand radiographic technology and equipment.
• The physical stamina to stand for long periods and operate heavy machinery without assistance.
• The flexibility to work shifts, weekends, nights, and holidays

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