Security Manager

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Law Enforcement/ Security
Date Posted:
Oct 19, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Purpose
Is responsible for the development of policies, procedures and initiatives intended to mitigate and avoid operational security threats and gaps relating to people (health and safety), assets (damage & theft) and site (access, environment…).
He/she ensures that all stakeholders fully comply with our code of conduct and with our company’s policies & procedures (training & audit).
Is required to deal promptly with crises and incidents, conduct needed investigation and maintain continuity of operations.
Is required to manage the security team and guide lead team members to identify and report breaches or potential security risks.
Perform duties in accordance with Malia Group Policies and Procedures.
Other duties can be assigned.

Duties & Responsibilities
On Assessment, Implementation & Audit
- Ensure the security, safety and well-being of all personnel, visitors and the premises
- Perform a risk assessment to protect the site against breaches/theft, to priorities needed security improvements and guide security investments.
- Review all assets, assess vulnerabilities and potential threats, forecast probability of occurrence & impact severity/criticality and submit accordingly to management the annual/monthly security plan(s) to mitigate all risks mentioned in the risk register
- Conduct continuous audit on all departments by patrolling the site and inspecting access points as well as buildings to identify irregularities
- Plan and coordinate surveillance/alarm/fire equipment maintenance schedules; facilitate repairs in a timely manner
- In case of incidents/breaches, conduct needed investigation without disrupting the operation.
- Recommend solutions and ensure implementation of approved measures to avoid reoccurrence of similar issues
- Is part of the health & safety committee and is in charge of conducting regularly fire drills and of ensuring the availability of appropriate on site signage

On Conduct, Compliance & Reporting
- Develop and continuously update policies & procedures related to the security of people, assets and site
- Ensure that all stakeholders are trained on and abide by the approved policies & procedures related to the security of people/assets/site and that lead team members are able identify and report security risks and breaches
- Report to management / HR on the spot any security breach/incident

- Contribute proactively with the Talent Acquisition Team in filling vacancies timely. Design/update related JD and on-boarding programs and ensure their proper understanding & implementation. Ensure an optimized structure in line with business priorities and performance
- Provide direct reports with needed resources/tools and guidance to fulfill their role properly and set their training needs and development plan in coordination with L&DM. Celebrate achievements, highlight people with potential to offer them perspective for growth
- Set direct reports annual Business Goals and required competencies and conduct quarterly feedback sessions to appraise their performance.
- Monitor continuously direct report productivity and take corrective actions in due time. Issue misconducts and enroll under-performers in related program
- Promote the Group's culture, encourage loyalty, trust, a healthy working environment and teamwork. Personalize the motivational approach, empower and inspire the team to reach greatness

Educational background: Bachelor in any Business field or Equivalent
Experience: 10+ Years of Experience as Head of Security / Security Manager

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