Assistant Auditor

General Information

Job Type:
Accounting/ Finance
Date Posted:
Nov 24, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Title: Assistant Auditor
Job Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Job Brief: The company is looking for a professional assistant auditor to join its management consultancy team in delivering auditing and advisory services to its clients.

Job Responsibilities
• Commit to audit scope for each client and assist in the development of annual audit plans.
• Visit clients regularly to conduct agreed upon and planned auditing services.
• Ensure procedures, policies, legislation and regulations are correctly followed and complied with.
• Examine and evaluate financial systems and recommend controls to ensure system reliability and data integrity.
• Identify if and where accounting and financial processes are not working as they should and advising on changes to be made.
• Obtain and evaluate accounting transactions and associated documentation.
• Analyze data for deficient controls, duplicated efforts, extravagance, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.
• Review data about material assets, net worth, liabilities, capital, income, and expenditures.
• Inspect cash on hand, notes receivable and payable, negotiable securities, and canceled checks to confirm records are accurate.
• Audit the filing, recording, compiling and transmitting of financial records.
• Audit payroll and personnel records to determine insurance premiums, workers' compensation coverage, liabilities, and compliance with tax laws.
• Identify loopholes in the system and recommend risk aversion measures.
• Prepare, analyze, and verify annual reports, financial statements, and other records to assess financial performance and facilitate financial planning.
• Prepare and present reports that reflect audit’s results along with relevant recommendations.

Job Specifications
• At least 3 years of experience in auditing
• Thorough knowledge of accounting and corporate finance principles and procedures
• Extensive knowledge in the Lebanese Chart of Accounts
• Bachelor’s degree in Auditing or Equivalent
• Master’s degree in Auditing or Equivalent is a plus
• CIA, CPA or LCPA is a plus.
• Good Computer Skills in general, and Microsoft Office skills in specific
• Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
• Good time management
• Aptitude for numbers and quantitative skills
• Attention to detail and High Conscientiousness
• Good command of English and Arabic
• Position requires constant and frequent field visits

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