Office Clerk

General Information

Holdal Abou Adal Group
Job Type:
Clerical/ Administrative
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Aug 30, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The Office Clerk is responsible for tracking the stock of stationery items, coffee, and cleaning products. He should book and arrange meeting rooms and supervise the cleaning team and their processes.

1-Administrative Assistance:
-Deliver and pick up mail, courier, documents, packages, and non-good items to concerned departments to facilitate the work process.
-Ensure on-time delivery of documents according to the procedures in order to avoid delays.
-Make photocopies and scan documents for support departments.
-Open offices prior to working hours for cleaning and preparation.
-Deal with basic administrative duties such as non-goods supply’s deliveries, labeling, file organizing etc...
-Provide Assistance for all admin teams in order to facilitate the work process.
-Fill and maintain the coffee machines on daily basis, multiple times a day.
-Control and track the coffee machine material to avoid out-of-stock situations.
-Track cash out from the coffee machines on daily basis in order to hand them over to the Administration & Facility Coordinator.
-Escort 3rd parties around the company when needed.
-Handle the distribution of water gallons to the necessary water stations.

2-Meeting Room Arrangements:
-Coordinate and reserve conference rooms to avoid reservation conflicts.
-Prepare and reorganize conference rooms to ensure timely service when requested.
-Follow up on arrangements of meetings, conferences, and projects in terms of stationery and supplies needed.

3-Supplies Storage and Distribution:
-Coordinate with the Administration and Facility Coordinator for tracking non-good stock levels and ordering requisitions to avoid out-of-stock situations.
-Deliver the non-goods to the needed departments.
-Keep data history of distributed non-goods through excel tracking.

4-Cleaning Coordination:
-Coordinate with the third-party cleaning company for managing the cleaning team.
-Control the cleaning quality and implement the cleaning procedure to make sure that the company guidelines are met.
-Control and audit the cleaning team’s attendance as per the cleaning contract.
-Liaise between the employees and cleaning team on various requests.
-Follow up with the cleaning team to make sure that the recycle bins are being collected on a periodic basis.
-Follow up with the employees to make sure that they are placing the correct disposable item in the right bin.
-Provide the cleaning team with tissue, bags, cups, and soap.

Experience and skills:
-High School or Technical Degree.
-Knowledge of Arabic. English is a plus.
-Knowledge of Microsoft Office is a plus.
-Good organization skills.
-Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness.

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