Senior Graphic Designer (Khaldeh)

General Information

Job Type:
Architecture & Design
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Oct 25, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Senior Graphic Designer
-Create new and original designs from scratch for brands based on needs, and brand image.
-Meeting with the design and marketing teams to discuss packaging specifications and confirm budgets.
-Evaluating market trends and analyzing similar packaging designs.
-Supervise projects to ensure that all materials ordered arrive upon the agreed time and are in good shape to obtain maximum results
-Make sure that job deadlines are met in due time, ensuring that job quality is nothing short of the best
-Create and maintain files for all creative assets and resources, such as software, art materials, and special fonts, which are needed for record-keeping and referencing
-Evaluate and manage production resources to enhance high productivity and allocations
-Facilitate product campaigns and marketing via emails, microsites, and other landing pages to boost client to customer interactions
-Liaise with other members of the graphic design team to maximize creativity and excellence in performance and delivery
-Supervise and mentor design staff on project execution, and submit performance reports on assigned projects to the executives for appraisal.
-Brainstorming packaging ideas using hand sketches, verbal cues, words, and design software.
-Ensuring packaging designs accurately represent the company’s brand and ethos.
-Selecting functional ideas and creating packaging mock-ups.
-Identifying suitable packaging materials and conducting feasibility studies.
-Collaborating with graphic designers and copywriters to finalize packaging text and graphics.
-Completing final mock-up designs using computer modeling software.
-Presenting final designs to stakeholders and company managers.

Senior Graphic Designer Requirements:
A graphic design qualification or similar.
3-5 years of experience as a graphic designer.
Working experience with image design tools (e.g. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator).
A keen eye for visual details.
Aesthetic skills.
Ability to meet deadlines and collaborate with team members.

Location Khaldeh
Working Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 AM till 04:30 PM
Saturday from 08:00 AM till 01:00 PM

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