Warehouse Supervisor

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Transportation/ Logistics
Date Posted:
Nov 17, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


- Job Purpose:
1. Responsible for monitoring physical inventory, overseeing inbound and outbound shipments/orders, investigating discrepancies and ensuring best team performance in compliance with predefined processes.
2. Responsible for planning the layout of the warehouse considering turnover, goods size and weight.

- Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Organize daily BU activities and make sure all issued invoices/orders are prepared on time
2. Optimize spaces, and ensure that the warehouse is well organized at all times; propose development of storing procedures when need be
3. Handle stored goods non-conformities through investigations
4. Supervise the physical receiving of goods and matching with respective packing list(s); ensure proper handling and storage of all received goods
5. Ensure proper maintenance, safety use, and cleaning of all warehouse equipment
5. Implement and manage inventory control systems constantly
6. Prepare and ensure the validity of needed documents for delivery (Purchase/sales order, receipts…)
7. Coordinate with the Digital Support Specialist/ECom Manager regarding all non-conformities and problems related to invoicing/orders prior delivery
8. Contribute proactively with the Talent Acquisition Team in filling vacancies timely. Design/update related JD and on-boarding programs and ensure their proper understanding & implementation. Ensure an optimized structure in line with business priorities and performance
9. Provide direct reports with needed resources/tools and guidance to fulfil their role properly and set their training needs and development plan in coordination with L&DM. Celebrate achievements, highlight people with potential to offer them perspective for growth
10. Set direct reports annual Business Goals and required competencies and conduct quarterly feedback sessions to appraise their performance. Monitor continuously direct report productivity and take corrective actions in due time. Issue misconducts and enroll under-performers in related program
11. Promote the Group's culture, encourage loyalty, trust, a healthy working environment and teamwork. Personalize the motivational approach, empower and inspire the team to reach greatness

- Education: Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or equivalent

- Experience: 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar role

- Job Location: Nahr Ibrahim

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