Cost Control Manager

General Information

Malak Al Tawouk
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Dec 02, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


We are hiring Cost Control Manager to join our team
Job Scope:

-Develops and formulates the budget of company’s outlets using previous year data and cost reduction targets.
-Leads projects and initiatives that improve the cost management function.
-Manages people working at the cost control department by providing them with coaching, and setting their daily and monthly objectives.
-Formulates department objectives through identifying the needs and requirements of the business.
-Contributes in updating departments’ policies and procedures by following latest trends, practices, and techniques adopted in this field.
-Sets the vision of the department as well communicate its importance to the team through conducting weekly meetings.
-Provides support to the finance department by collaborating and cooperating with its sub-departments.
-Recommends and suggests ways and ideas to reduce cost and eliminate waste in company’s outlets.
-Follows with the team on a daily basis the accuracy of the data by conducting audits on the process, and operations.
-Reports to the finance directors to proceed in any strategic initiative.
-Develops training sessions to develop skills and competencies of people working in the branches.
-Verifies daily variance analysis for all outlets and company main departments (CK and Warehouse).
-Develops monthly reports showing outlets' variances.
-Ensures, verifies, and controls that there is no variances in central kitchen and warehouse by comparing sales, purchase, and available items.
-Provides the HR department with monthly report showing variances in outlets.
-Prepares reports showing gross profit margin per item.
-Updates menu costing, determines items’ life cycle, and manages menu engineering activities.
-Conducts spot check on outlets during working hours and accordingly issues a report that should be provided to company’s GM.

- Analytical, communication and report writing skills.
-Knowledge of financial modules and systems.
-Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles
-Knowledge of computerized financial/accounting programs
-Knowledge in preparation of financial statements
-Knowledge in preparation of financial reports

Job Location: Tabarja, Lebanon

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