Store Manager for our branch in City Mall

General Information

Pet Mart
Job Type:
Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted:
Nov 20, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


-Responsible for managing all day to day duties that ensure the smooth operation of a retail store

-Staffing: Managers are involved with a variety of tasks including hiring new staff and providing sales training

-Stock Management: Store Managers must merchandise products , oversee and execute inventory control

-Customer Service: Maintain and monitor high standards for customer service

-Financial Management : Create financial budgets to manage costs , and make sure that store sales goals are met or exceeded

-Animal Care: Pet store managers must also ensure that all animals in their stores(including fish), reptiles. birds and small mammals)are treated humanely and in accordance with local regulation and animal care guide

These duties are part of the store manager's primary function as he /she oversee several individual department managers and instore service providers

Education , Training & certification:
There is no specific educational requirement for a pet store manager, although a degree in business can be very helpful. the job requirements include:
Bachelor's degree: Four years in business management , marketing , or a closely related field study


3-5 years of retail experience (preferably in a managerial or supervisory role) Good working knowledge of the pet product industry .
Many pets store practical experience.

Broad knowledge base: A pet store manager must be familiar with human resources policies, budgeting , and financial planning, merchandising , computer -based technology, animal care , scheduling , and facility maintenance.

-Pet store manager skills & Competencies:
Must have good grasp of certain soft skills in additional to other job-related experience or qualifications. These skills include:

-Decision making: A good pet store manager can make the right decisions quickly
-Communication and Interpersonal skills: the store manager must be able to communicate effectively and positively with both personnel and customers
-Customer service skills: the store manager sets the tone for the rest of the employee, and providing good customer service will keep customers returning to the shop. The manager should have the ability to resolve any conflicts
-dependability: The Pet store manager must be able to keep commitments to come into work and take care of all necessary tasks . This is especially critical as pet store, because of the live animals that must be fed and cared of.
Leadership: The store manager must be a good leader that can motivate the staff to do their best job , and also possess the ability to delegate responsibilities to other store workers
Work environment: He/she must spend their working hours inside the pet store in an environment that is full of chirps and squeaks from all of the animals. the stores carry the smell of animal cages and, on a bad day, possible excrement from animals brought in on- leash by shopping animals
The shop manager must be typically a lower-stress environment due to the animals and the general mood of customers who come in to shop for their furry friends or bring them in for grooming or vet services

Work schedule: The store manager position is typically a full-time position. the job may require extra hours if the store is sort-staffed. It may be necessary for pet store manager to work long hours including evenings, weekends and holidays. Managers must also be on call in the event that any emergencies arise that invoice the animals, staff , or the store itself because the manager has ultimate responsibilities for the entire operation.

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