Sales Person - for Jewelry Shops

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Nov 24, 2021
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


A leading retail company is seeking sales associates with experience in sales in the following locations: ABC Dbaye, ABC Achrafieh, ABC Verdun, City Center, Spot Choueifat

Good Package : Salary + Commission

Job Description :
- Greets and meets customers on arrival at the shop
- Listens attentively to a customer’s needs and gives explicit explanation to satisfy such a customer
- Presents the customer with the needed jewelry and provides information, such as pricing; and gives a discount if need be
- Helps customers to wrap and bag their purchases
- Provides pricing information to the cashier alongside the weight of the items purchased
Helps to facilitate payments after every purchase
- Takes charge of all the inventories in the shop by entering them into the computer system
- Helps in the daily display of all items that are available for sale in the shop
- Entertains customers and answers questions respectfully
- Ensures regular increase in sales of jewelry products
- Achieves goals set by the employer
- Introduces sales promotion to customers so as to entice them to make purchases
- Ensures that products are well arranged in orderly manner
- Properly operates a cash register and maintains all financial transaction effectively and efficiently too
- Strictly adheres to company policies
- Helps customers to make the right decisions so they can make the right jewelry purchases
- Explains warrantees and guarantees on each piece purchased by a customer
- Ensures all documents relating to the purchase of any jewelry are also bagged with the goods purchased
- Sends appreciation messages to customers and keeps them informed concerning latest arrivals
- Ensures that all pieces of jewelry are returned to their secured places after the day’s business

Job Requirement and Skills:

- Minimum 3 years experience in Luxury retail sales
- Possession of a High School Certificate
- Must have excellent knowledge of Jewelry products sales
- Must be able to dress professionally at all times
-Possess excellent communication skills in both spoken and written forms
- Must be able to stand for a long period of time during business hours
- Must be able to take initiatives without being prodded
- Must be very enterprising
- Must have the ability to satisfy customers
- Excellent computer skills, especially in Microsoft Word and Excel, will be key
- Must be able to perform basic financial calculations
- Excellent organizational skills will be required
- Possess great interpersonal skills with the ability to work under intense pressure to achieve set goals
- Exceptional sales skills will be an added advantage
- Excellent customer service skills will be of great importance
- Must be able to maintain a high level of decorum when handling customers
- Excellent attention to detail will be a key requirement
- Must have a persistent attitude to be able to convince hesitant customers to make purchases.

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