Project Engineer

General Information

Job Type:
Architecture & Design
Date Posted:
Jul 05, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The role of the Project Engineer is to handle the following services by order of priority: Tendering and Procurement, Cost control,
Organization, Corporate projects and Site management including maintenance works to customers.
 Tendering:
o Review the tender documents and ensure that all data required for pricing are available in the documents.
o Issue RFQ for suppliers and subcontractors
o Sit with some suppliers to explain the tender and get best quotation
o Evaluate vendors proposals technically in compliance with project specifications
o Negotiate effectively with suppliers
o Issue comparison studies based on suppliers’ quotations
o Get the quantity take‐off from the drawings (if project on Lump sum basis)
o Update list of General notes and reservations
 Procurement
o In charge of contract administration ‐ deliveries, variations and payments
o Issue Work Orders (WO) to selected suppliers.
o Maintain Follow up sheets on WOs, payments, invoices…
o Approve all invoices and issue payment requests
o Prepare Variation Orders to clients (if not done by Site engineer)
o Prepare a database of unit prices to be updated twice a year.
o Prepare a database of suppliers with assessments (twice a year)
o Update list of General notes and reservations
 Cost control
o Update tables needed for cost control
o Coordinate with accounting to issue cost control reporting
o Track and record achieved savings: Real cost vs. Tender cost, Final Cost vs. Final price
 Organization:
o Update all company’s policies and ensure that it is being properly implemented by staff and outsourced
o Implement and readjust if needed all tendering and procurement policies and procedures
 Assist General Manager in new projects launched by Insites Projects
 Site management including maintenance works
 Very dynamic
 Good communication skills and presentable
 Organized with Follow up skills
 Disciplined and used to follow procedures
 Good command in AutoCAD & MS Office (especially in Excel)
 Good command in English
Civil Engineer or Architect
 5 years, preferably with some experience in similar position
 Willing to work extra hours and during holidays if needed to meet deadlines

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