IT Support

General Information

Al-Akhbar Newspaper
Job Type:
Information Technology
Date Posted:
Jun 09, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


a- File incoming help requests from end users in a courteous manner (using the department’s applications).
b- Prioritize and schedule problems. Escalate problems (when required) to the IT manager.
c- Update Software, drivers and frequently asked questions resources on the Internet continuously.
d- Identify and learn appropriate software and hardware used and supported by the clients.
e- Perform hands-on fixes at the desktop level, including installing and upgrading software, implementing file backups, and configuring systems and applications.
f- Test the fixes to ensure problem has been adequately resolved.
g- Propose help sheets and knowledge base articles for end users (especially if many users experienced the same problem).
h- Install, maintain, and test the desktops and peripheral equipment (such as printers, cartridges and refills).
i- Install software and operating systems and configure computers (while maintaining licensing requirements).
j- Assist in asset tracking and make sure that asset registrar is always up to date.
k- Create user accounts for new users while maintaining password security requirements for all the required systems (email system, Active directory etc.)
l- Participate in backing up the systems in liaison with the IT manager.
m- Perform system and software updates.
n- Check with the IT manager before unusual initiatives.
o- Perform other duties as directed by the department’s manager.
p- Apply and maintain the SOE (standard operating environment) for new employees.
q- Troubleshoot networking problems for desktops, servers and switches.
r- Create and maintain new user accounts on the Active Directory server and maintain Organizational Unit (OU) consistency on that server.
s- Actively apply security policy within the clients’ environment by declining users’ requests that violate that policy.
t- Research and resolve problems.

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