Senior Data Scientist

General Information

Job Type:
Information Technology
Date Posted:
Jun 13, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Role: Senior Data Scientist
Experience: 7+ years
Shift: Full-time (US/Central time shift)

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Senior Data Scientist to join our fast-moving technology company to help develop state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to solve long-standing problems for our clients in a variety of industries.


• Invent machine learning techniques to solve important problems
• Improve upon existing machine learning techniques
• Discover ways to strengthen machine learning models
• Write code that scales to very large datasets, often with millions of dimensions
• Collaborate closely with internal product and engineering teams to help turn research prototypes into new products or features
• Collaborate with the Chief Analytics Officer and other data scientists on the team to help accomplish all the above

Skills and Qualifications

• Overall Experience of 7-9 years in programming with C/C++/Java/.Net/Python, or any other programming language
• 3+ years minimum related experience with Machine Learning, NLP with model building in Python and/or R Language and deploying the models on cloud
• Extensive theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning fundamentals
• Deep understanding of how many common ML algorithms work and can explain why they work the way they do
• Extensive deep learning expertise, theory, and experience training and evaluating neural networks, including feed forward networks and RNNs
• Strong math skills in general, especially linear algebra and statistics
• Knowledge of Git or equivalent
• Various AWS services, like EC2 and S3. Azure or other cloud computing equivalent technologies are fine (Preferred, but not mandatory)

Company Profile