Supervisor Mansourieh, Jbeil, Okeibe, Maamelten and Jounieh Branches

General Information

Malak Al Tawouk
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Sep 19, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Ensures that all equipment and tools are cleaned and sterilized.
• Ensures that food and non-food items are subject to food safety standards and verifies the expiration dates through daily inspection.
• Supervises the inventory receiving and storage process.
• Responsible for identifying and following up on maintenance issues related to the restaurant whenever needed.
• Assists the restaurant manager when needed to monitor weekly schedule, daily presence, absence, sickness and leaves of employees and send reports to the HR department.
• Monitors the work during peak hours, inspect the process of cooking, frying and packaging and provide the support needed to avoid chaos.
• Resolves customer complaints effectively to maintain customer satisfaction.
• Detects and identifies maintenance requirements in the branch and collaborates with approved maintenance companies or internal maintenance department.
• Informs the restaurant Manager of all the daily problems that were faced, especially in his/her absence.
• Manages efforts effectively and distribute tasks properly to the staff as needed.
• Monitors the work of the team and remains available to provide any required support and keep morale high amongst the staff.
• Continually checks the cleanliness of the place and the tools used and also evaluates the branch against the HACCP standards of food safety, hygiene and health.
• Ensures that the restaurant is ready for the opening, and that all closing duties (cleaning, organizing stock etc.) are completed prior to leaving the branch.
• Assists the restaurant manager to provide the induction training for new staff and refresh training for the existing staff.
• Monitors the daily work while giving any necessary comments to staff as per the company procedures.
• Shares information and experience with everyone working in the restaurant based on the operations manual, manager's guidance and training programs.
• Adheres to the company’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
• Preforms other duties as assigned

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