HR and Administrative Manager

General Information

Job Type:
Human Resource
Date Posted:
Jun 21, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


HR Tasks:

Posting job vacancies and assisting in the selection of candidates
 Collect all the personal papers related to employees to be kept in company’s database and make sure it is always up to date
 Coordinate employees’ visa issuance according to the job country they will be working
 Coordinate with travel agency to issue the needed tickets
 Keep and track records related to employees leaves (vacation, sickness, etc..)
 Collect all the data related to employees’ attendance (date of joining or leaving, absences, overtime etc.) to be able to issue the payroll accordingly
 Preparing the payroll on a monthly basis
 Working on tax on salaries’ declaration quarterly
 Working on NSSF payment quarterly
 Working on employees’ yearly assessment and evaluation
 Preparing warnings when needed
 Preparing letters of appreciation
 Answer employees’ questions and provide requested information
 Liaising between employees’ and the management in order to keep the flow information accurate
 Working on company’s policies and procedures booklet

Administrative Tasks:

 Coordinating with company’s lawyer and auditor in order to make sure that all the legal documents are updated
 Making sure that all office stuff and stationary are available
 Coordinating with Internet Service Provider company once facing internet problem issues
 Coordinating with company’s translators when needed
 Coordinating with outsourcing drivers in order to deliver company’s documents
 Coordinating with shipping agencies (getting quotation, providing suppliers’ documents etc.)
 Providing all needed data to be posted on Social Media

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