IT Supervisor

General Information

Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Aug 03, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


1.1 Ensures that all computer technology equipments run with minimum or no down time.
1.2 Ensures that all software run with no output errors, no response time problems and according to specifications.
1.3 Prepares a written monthly report per the specifications issued by the Controller, regarding the systems and issues related to smooth operation of application software.
1.4 Solves technical or operational problems as reported by the users.
1.5 Keeps accurate inventory and record of all hardware, software and manuals purchased by the company.
1.6 All software originals and manuals are kept in a safe place and given for reference purposes, only with proper records.
1.7 Acts as the primary contact for all outside agents in all computer technology related matters.
1.8 Co-ordinates the installation of all new applications required and recommended. This includes new software release levels within the time specified by Resto Group.
1.9 Co-ordinates or installs new software and hardware release levels for all computer technology used in the company.
1.10 To learn the technical aspect of company computer systems, in terms of hardware and software.

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