Billing Chief

General Information

St Georges- Ajaltoun
Job Type:
Health Care/ Pharmaceutical
Date Posted:
Aug 18, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Key Responsibilities:

• Develops, manages, and ensures efficient and effective billing policies and procedures issuance and implementation.
• Assists in the development, implementation and functioning of the adopted integrated software
• Ensures excellent patient communication and guidance on the patient’s proper and accurate medical coverage by the public or private providers.
• Ensures the proper implementation of the admissions and billing parameters upon the discharge of the patient
• Ensures that the patient bills are prepared accurately and in a timely manner.
• Establishes and maintains excellent relationships with third party administrators and medical representatives at the hospital
• Establishes and maintains relationship and proper coordination with physicians' accounts department upon payments and discounts.
• Ensures proper coordination with other departments upon admission and discharge of patients
• Handles and resolves patients’ conflicts and ensures that first class assistance provided to our patients.
• Ensures that bills are completed and sent to the public and private guarantors on time with the proper supporting schedules.
• Ensures proper and timely preparation of reconciliations of billing transactions.
• Prepares annual & monthly reports of collection by summarizing billings, adjustments and revenues received
• Reviews client accounts to identify outstanding balances.
• Coordinates with internal and external auditors.
• Supervises & controls the scheduling of payment with collection staff.
• Assists patients in any query or issue when needed.
• Manages the billing team responsibilities, performance, daily operations and ensures accurate, efficient and effective implementation of the billing policies and procedures.
• Develops strategies and team performance expectations indicators to ensure excellent patient care service


• Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting
• Proven experience as Billing Specialist
• Excellent knowledge of MS Office (particularly Excel)
• Excellent knowledge of medical terminology
• People Oriented, Leadership and Team Spirit
• Proficiency in English
• Results-driven and patient
• High degree of attention to detail and trustworthiness

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