Brand Coordinator - Level 5 Holding

General Information

Level 5 Holding
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Aug 09, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Reports to: General Manager of Eden Park, Rodd & Gunn and Orchid

Job Purpose:

The Brand Coordinator monitors market trends, develops brand strategy, creates content for online brand presence and coordinates advertising & marketing activities by maintaining a direct contact with supplier and Mother Company.


Eden Park/Rodd & Gunn:
• Brand Management
- Handle the weekly/monthly reports to be sent to the headquarters/internally
- Handle the sales analysis & showroom
- Order the PLV needed and make sure to observe the stock on monthly basis & respond to POS requests
- Follow up on SOA matters - Payments and allocations
- Handle the process, from receiving the damaged items to preparing the necessary documents and sending them to the headquarters
- Make sure to have the basic items at the POS at all times (the label should always be updated as per each season)
- Handle the orders by receiving them from Paris, checking the prices/discount granted, comparing the confirmation order with the original one, checking the invoices before each shipment with the PO, and having an updated table with the remaining items
- Update EP’s website by uploading the new collection and updating the prices
- Coordinate with the accounting team for the changing prices/labels exercise by sending them the items requested

• Marketing
- Update ABC & media plan on seasonal basis
- Follow the guidelines when handling window display visuals, from receiving the decoration material from abroad to printing (if needed) and installing them at the POS
- Handle the seasonal campaign visuals - make sure the visuals are acceptable for our marketing, have all dimensions ready for all medias, receive confirmation from management on all kind of visuals, send them to medias on time, archive the visuals and update the marketing activities presentation on monthly basis, keep track on the yearly budget.
- Make sure to receive and install all in store visuals before receiving the collection
- Prepare SMS options depending on the occasion and update the database before sending the SMS

• Operation
- Prepare the stock rotation report and make sure the transferring process goes smoothly and on time
- Handle the inventory process by analyzing the results, reconciling and taking action if needed
- Make sure to classify the items by size and percentage, having all operational process ready on time, oversee the garage sale till the end

• Logistics
- Make sure to receive the original documents, follow up with shipping company and clearing process, handle the dispatching process to the warehouse & to all POS
• Menu
- Handle the changes of the menu before and during the opening season, making sure to have all the sponsors mentioned in the menu overseeing the printing and dispatching process

• Refurbishment
- Make sure to have all signages, flex, hut numbers ready before the opening season for both branches
- Make sure to have all signs and PLV ready and dispatched on time (entrance / reservation chart / comment cards / orchid guest relations cards / trip advisor / BC / Wifi / phone directory/ etc.
- Make sure to produce all the matches / cigar cutter / Ashtrays (we’re not doing it anymore)
• Communication
- Prepare the texts before and during the opening season
- Update the database before every sms
- Handle all seasonal offers from setting the offers with second party and having all material ready on time including membership cards
- Get sponsors for beauty kits every season before the opening
- Handle all campaign visuals by making sure to have all the dimensions ready and sending to medias on time
- Handle all kind of orders from second parties & prepare the booklets accordingly

• Reports
- Follow up on the updated client Reviews on weekly basis and end of season
- Handle the offers reports on weekly basis and end of season
- Database Report / Full & New Client on monthly basis
- Update the Email database on monthly basis
- Top 10 F&B/location on a monthly basis and end of season

Job Qualifications:
- Bachelor in Business Management/Marketing
- 1-2 years of experience in Retail field
- Fluent in French and English (written and verbal)
- Computer Literate, proficiency in Excel
- Presentable

Key Competencies and skills:

- Exceptional written and oral communication skills
- Good organizational and time Management skills
- Honesty and reliability
- Attention to details
- Flexibility and adaptability to juggle a range of different tasks - Ability to work under pressure

Work Conditions:

From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am till 5:30 pm.

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