Digital Graphic Designer

General Information

Job Type:
Architecture & Design
Date Posted:
Jul 27, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


We are Looking for an innovative and dedicated digital graphic designer to interpret the company’s needs and to design solutions with high visual impact. The individual in this role would be responsible for taking conceptual design ideas and creating visual representations of them, both electronically and in print. This individual would work with a variety of products, applications, and software platforms, while simultaneously collaborating with a number of teams at our company

Key Responsibilities
1. Participate actively and efficiently in conceptual design meetings and provide educated and innovative ideas and opinions.
2. Advise on best practices and optimizations throughout design projects.
3. Create visualizations (either by hand or via a software program) which convey accurate messaging and undertones as dictated by the project.
4. Develop product illustrations, logos, website graphics, etc. as needed
5. Check Quality Assurance (QA) designs for errors.
6. Pass final design to development/publishing teams for release.
7. Schedule project implementation and define budget constraints.
8. Work with a wide range of media and use appropriate graphic design software.
9. Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts.
10. Amend final designs to reflect comments and gain full approval.
11. Work as part of a team.
12. Strategize and plan a compelling and effective design concept.
13. Create clean, unique and innovate web interfaces using text, color, sound and imagery in banners, icons, menus etc.
14. Design attractive and alluring web pages that are both intuitive, functional and easily navigable.
15. Collaborate with a web developer to create structure and HTML content for the website.
16. Stay informed about new tools and software and implement current design trends.
17. Any other responsibilities and duties related to this role as may be determined by the General Manager.

• University degree in Graphic Design or another related field.
• Additional training or certification in graphic or web design is advantageous.

• At least 2 years of solid experience as a graphic designer in a mid to large company.

1. Professional and positive attitude.
2. Integrity and great work ethics.
3. Exceptional creativity and innovation skills.
4. Experience with both print and electronic media.
5. Proficient in design and photo-editing software.
6. Skills of accuracy and attention to detail.
7. Time management and organizational skills/able to meet deadlines.
8. The ability and desire to stay up-to-date with commercial design/graphics trends and implement these in daily work.
9. Working knowledge in Microsoft Office.
10. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Gif Animator.
11. Ability to work independently under minimum supervision.

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