Visual Merchandiser

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United Sports of Lebanon SAL
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Aug 01, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Prepare for the Sell-In sessions by retrieving and analyzing the Sell-thru reports.
• Prepare reports for all countries. Analyze the data and take actions (place refill orders and consolidate orders) if needed.
• Implement pricing of the merchandise based on the history of similar styles as well as Market Needs after approval of the Commercial Manager.
• Assist the Product Managers during the sell-in sessions by guiding the wholesale & Retail accounts in choosing the right SKU and the correct quantity/size-run for their stores.
• Prepare the seasonal Assortments for the Retail Stores.
• Guide the wholesale customers in selecting the Styles during the order selection.
• Follow up on order confirmations from clients. Perform consolidation of items and submit orders to the brand.
• Coordinate and follow up on product deliveries including preparation of Proforma/data file.
• Follow up on container arrivals, check relative invoices (Quantities and Prices) and allocate deliveries among customers.
• Prepare the containers’ priority list that ensures the correct SKUs are included based on the need of the market.
• Create the product Master File, Purchase file & catalogue to be used by the Logistics, Finance and Retail departments.
• Update the Area Managers & Social Media & e-com teams on all new product introductions, brand information, order cancellations, and related issues.
• Inform Store Managers of the arrival date of new items and price changes.
• Decide on slow moving items in order to make way for the new collection after approval of Commercial manager.

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