Marketing Manager

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United Sports of Lebanon SAL
Job Type:
Date Posted:
Aug 01, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


• Design, develop and implement Marketing strategic plans, policies and procedures in compliance with corporate Marketing strategy and brand guidelines in order to support the achievement of overall business objectives.
• Ensure the effective implementation of plans, policies and procedures.
• Plan, divide and allocate the marketing operation budgets as well as assist and support the development of the regional marketing budgets.
• Regularly monitor and review the performance of the marketing department in order to maintain the efficiency and the productivity of the department.
• Maintain an awareness of best practice techniques and tools in the area of marketing management so that the department continues to deliver marketing plans in a manner that will maximize brand revenues and profitability.
• Attend and contribute to business planning and decision making meetings in order to communicate effectively within the organization and provide marketing input and support to overall business decision making.
• Prepare management information reports in order to ensure that Senior Business Managers have the relevant information needed to support strategic decision-making.
• Communicate with external parties and representatives (e.g. media organizations; Advertising agencies…) as required to ensure that the brand image is maintained within brand guidelines.
• Plan, coordinate and host marketing events.
• Design, develop and oversee the implementation of special customer loyalty programs in order to maximize brand loyalty and thus brand revenue.
• Manage, coordinate monitor and follow up on brand activations in order to make sure that all activities run smoothly.

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