Quality Control Analyst

General Information

Malia Group
Job Type:
Science/ Technology
Date Posted:
Jul 29, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


- Job Purpose:
1. Responsible for the testing and sampling of incoming raw material, packaging material, bulk, semi-finished products and manufactured products.
2. Responsible for ensuring that manufactured products meet set quality standards.

- Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Perform sampling, testing and release of raw, packaging material, bulk, and semi-finished products and issue related Certificate of Analysis to ensure quality of products meet set standards
2. Perform sampling, testing and approval of contractor's product (liquid, solid and semi-solid) to ensure quality of products meet set standards
3. Conduct in-process control in the packaging and manufacturing departments (testing at the beginning, during and after stoppage of machines) and ensure test results are conforming to set quality standards
4. Review Certificate of Analysis of materials to be purchased from suppliers ensuring that specs are similar to previously purchased material and meet set standards. In case approved, inform Procurement Department to proceed with purchase
5. Issue Certificate of Analysis, in case of export, according to set template and get Quality Control Supervisor and Quality Control Manager approval
6. Update system with all information included in the Certificate of Analysis and upon release of material
7. Ensure accurate and timely update of the bulk's shelf life
8. Complete the batch report with the needed quality information and submit to Quality Control supervisor and Quality Control Manager
9. Document the results of the testing performed accurately and maintain all documents and rest records in a proper manner
10. Check status of all materials as per stock inventory sent by Quality Control Manager on a monthly basis, and take corrective actions. Update sates and expiry date on system for all materials
11. Collaborate in the writing and updating of Quality Control procedures such as statistical procedures, analysis procedures, raw materials analysis, in-process testing, finished product analysis, microbiological analysis, stability studies and protocols for new materials and finished products
12. Participate in the construction or revision of standard operating procedures for the quality function
13. Monitor Quality Control equipment to ensure proper operation and calibration. Coordinate calibration of all test equipment and fixtures. Update logbooks accordingly
14. Conduct cleaning and analytical validation of equipment and machines to ensure quality standards are implemented and report to Quality Control Manager
15. Conduct test method transfer for new projects and report to Quality Control supervisor and Quality Control Manager. Get Quality Control Manager's final approval
16. Maintain healthy stock level of reagents, glassware and standards. Inform to Quality Control Manager in case of stock level decrease
17. Investigate any received complaint or feedback from customers, evaluate the problem and recommend corrective actions
18. Receive recalled or returned products, check for defects and send to warehouse for donation or waste depending on the quality status of products
19. Prepare and report out of specification, out of trend, deviation incident, change control and risk assessment reports to Quality Control Manager for review and approval

- Education:
Up to 1 year of related experience

- Experience:
Bachelor Degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry

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