Floor shift supervisor - AM shift

General Information

Amaretti - Hazmieh
Job Type:
Restaurant/ Food Service
Date Posted:
Aug 03, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Main Duties:
a) Ensures smooth Handover between AM shift and PM shift and vice versa.
b) Double Check on FOH Checklists and rectify problems.
c) Ensure FOH is clean and tidy at all times.
d) Ensure all FOH staff are presentable and clean (well groomed, shaved, oral and physical hygiene, …)
e) Ensure all parts of the restaurant are covered by staff.
f) Get information from the kitchen chef regarding daily specials, 86’s, upselling items that will expire, …
g) Brief staff on the daily specials, 86s, upselling and other matters. (Daily briefings)
h) Align with Pastry Chef to ensure customer’s needs and maximize sales by having correct products exposure and availability
i) Welcomes and greets guests and seats them
j) Ensures that guests’ orders are taken promptly and correctly. Personally takes all VIP orders.
k) Follows up on service to each and every table, ensuring a knowledge of the global service situation in the room.
l) Personally checks guest satisfaction of food and environment.
m) Personally responds to all guest complaints.
n) Monitors feedback at the end of each shift.

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