Senior Systems Administrator

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Confidential 1
Job Type:
Information Technology
Date Posted:
Sep 25, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


- Design or review the company’s IT architecture, tools, and policies in order to ensure a high level of protection against malicious or accidental threats to the company’s critical functions which are defined as follows:
o Shared information storage resources
o Individual computing functions
o Email operation
o Insurance-specific technical IT systems
o Monetary transactions
o Internet access
o Any other function which might later be identified as critical

- Take the appropriate measure, elaborate the appropriate written procedures and conduct the relevant test to prevent any disruption or compromising of critical functions which include but are not limited to:
o Loss of information or data
o Loss of access to information or data
o Compromising of information or data
o Loss of process
o Impairment of key processes
o Disclosure of proprietary and confidential data
o Impairment of performance
o Financial loss to the company
o Financial loss to clients and external stakeholders
o Impairment of the image of the company
o Impairment of the image of clients or external stakeholders
o Impairment to the image and reputation of associated authorities and jurisdictions, chiefly Bermuda

- Design and apply a process to identify and execute all needed or recommended software patches, upgrades, changes, releases, configurations etc

- Design a process to identify all company’s digital assets including hardware (desktops, laptops, routers, cables, monitors, mouses, external drives, mobile phones, tablets, etc) and software, maintain them and update information to have their users/custodians correctly identified at all times.

- Identify and report any internal threat, including employee’s willful or unintentional actions which might cause any type of threat for the company’s finances or IT Security

- Monitor and analyze systems and system security logs and report any threats or vulnerabilities

- Design and implement procedures and measures for addressing business continuity and disaster recovery/cyber security incident response

- Provide twice a year a written assessment of any gaps with respect to regulatory requirements relative to Cyber Security

- Keep abreast of worldwide Cyber Security threats, review available intelligence, proactively implement prevention and mitigation processes, procedures and measures.

- Proactively implement prevention and mitigation processes, procedures and measures to ensure Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) control, network perimeter Intrusion Detection and Protection (IDS/IPS) control, Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) defence.

- Support the company’s staff in resolving any IT issues disrupting their work

- Provide guidance to the company’s staff to handle system requests, warning and error messages

- Participate to the education and awareness of the company’s staff with regards to Cyber Security

- Feed the company’s malicious email library and identify lessons and learning to strengthen employee vigilance and safe behavior

- Implement a company-wide security configuration standard on all company devices including automatic anti-virus scans, software installation privileges, etc

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