Site Engineer

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Nov 22, 2023
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Job Brief
Site engineers are integral to construction projects. Working alongside civil engineers, structural engineers, architects and surveyors, they use their technical skills and managerial prowess to make sure that building sites are fit for purpose.

Key Responsibilities
• Inspect facilities and analyze operational data
• Maintain compliance with safety and regulatory standards
• Compile estimates for technical and material requirements for project development
• Determine and present estimates of operational costs
• Evaluate operations and processes
• Suggest process and technical design changes to improve performance and efficiency
• Implement improvements to designs and processes
• Test material and structural integrity
• Research the environmental impact of projects
• Incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable features into design plans
• Create graphical representations of proposed solutions
• Prepare proposal documents and presentations
• Compile and present reports explaining project details to non-technical stakeholders
• Monitor project progress, compliance with design specifications and safety standards
• Direct engineering activities; assign tasks, provide training and support
• Create work schedules and adjust as needed to meet project deadlines
• Maintain detailed documentation of all site engineering activities
• Collaborate with management to align activities with desired business outcomes

• Bachelor’s degree in civil or structural engineering, construction, building, or related field
• Considerable experience in a similar position
• In-depth knowledge of engineering, technology, building, construction, and design
• Proficient in the use of computer aided design (CAD) software
• Proven track record for managing personnel and material resources
• Exemplary critical thinking, analytical, and complex problem-solving skills
• Strong time management and project management skills
• Active listening and verbal communication skills
• Ability to use the scientific process to solve problems
• Dedication to learning new concepts and strategies

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