Sales Person / HOME DECO - CITY MALL

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Jul 07, 2024
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


The Salesperson should:

• Welcome the Customers in priority to any other task through the implementation of the Welcoming Standards.

• Wear a tidy & neat uniform as per the company standards & procedure.

• Know and share information about Articles, Items, Brand, Store orientation, Store Services, Event Dates.

• Know and can inform customers about Exchange/Return procedure, Refund, Reservation of items, Grouped Purchases, etc.

• Respond to all questions or requests of all customers.

• Know his brands, products, assortments, materials, textures, compositions, origins, maintenance conditions (washing/cleaning/ironing), quality of products and it’s positioning versus competition, new products, advantages, availability. A feedback should be given to the Section Manager.

• Apply all sales principles and sales approach: Welcome (smile/Greeting/Eye contact), find out the Customer’s need (Listen/Identify/Answer/Orient), Propose Products (Choice/Explanations/Trial/Complementary products), Conclude the sale (Finalize/Accompanies or direct the Customer to the Cashier/Make sure he is in good hand).

• Propose and take Alterations (Retouches).

• Handle the set-up of his section: keep his aisle in perfect condition, regularly clean the surfaces/furniture/cabinets/mannequins/accessories/signage/etc, and keep the rolls/cartons/plastics/hangers/etc outside the sales area.

• Make sure to reduce the inventory difference (Démarque) through:
 Verifying the conformity of the tagging.
 Verifying the permanent existence of the antitheft devices.
 Regular counting.
 Watching and keeping an aware eye on his aisle.
 Reacting properly when there is an alert on a suspicious person.
 Participating to the regular inventories.

• Enhance the values of the merchandise by making sure that they are clean, well dispatched, well ironed and by arranging & rearranging products as per the merchandising standards.

2. Prerequisites :
 Minimum High school Graduate. University degree is a plus.
 0 to 1 year of experience in the Sales field.
 Knowledge the products to which he will be affected.
 Fluency in English. Arabic is a plus.
 Basic knowledge of computer use.
 Excellent communication skills.
 Presentable and neat.
 Polite and Customer oriented.

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