Experienced Male Developer needed - USA (10 to 14$ Fresh / hour)

General Information

JB (undisclosed)
Job Type:
Information Technology
Date Posted:
Sep 20, 2022
10 to 14$ per hour
Employee Type:
Part-Time Employee


Are you an experienced, detail oriented, smart front end developer with good skills?

We’re looking for great developer to join our team ASAP to start with easy PHP/MySQL/JS/HTML/CSS tasks.

Your tasks will include:
1. Able to put together quickly dashboard style pages. (not design websites, we don’t design front facing websites)
2. Your job will be mainly creating pages and functionality in the custom software our senior developer already built.

More info about the job:
- No beginners, you will be assisting our senior developer/company’s founder in the USA. He is very picky and has his own code writing style, to follow.
- Minimum 2 years of Experience with PHP/MySQL/JS/HTML/CSS
- To start as Part time however, if you prove yourself to be good, your manager will bump you to full time.

- FRESH per hour, according to your experience and tasks given.
- Payment cycle every 4 weeks.

*Work from home. Your direct manager is in California, USA. (time difference, so PM/Evening in Lebanon)

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