Junior 3D Animator

General Information

Job Type:
Date Posted:
Sep 29, 2022
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Main Tasks and Responsibilities
As a Junior Animator, you will be responsible for creating a series of images known as frames, to simulate movement. Your duties include working with creative professionals including designers and voice actors to produce films, graphics for commercials and other forms of TV entertainment.

Main Tasks:
1. Develop computer graphics and animations based on a detailed design brief.
2. Use requested design tools, including physical and digital tools, to create initial designs.
3. Collaborate with designers to ensure consistency and accuracy of animated designs.
4. Ensure projects are completed promptly and are of high quality.
5. Syncing visual and sound elements.
6. Researching visual styles, genres, and technologies.
7. Produce drafts, prototypes and engaging design solutions.
8. Implement feedback and changes whenever possible.

Skills, Competencies and Knowledge
1. Proficient in using Mari, Adobe Suite, Maxon, Autodesk Maya or alternatives.
2. Artistic talent and creativity – and a knack for storytelling.
3. Significant attention to detail and patience to work carefully and efficiently.
4. Solid written and verbal communication skills.
5. Knowledge of animation layouts, typography, print, and web.

Educational Background and Experience
1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation, 3D/graphic design, Fine Arts, or related field.
2. 0-1 year hands-on experience in Graphics Design

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