School Chief Administrator

General Information

Job Type:
Education/ Training
Date Posted:
Nov 16, 2022
dependent on experience
Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee


Chief administrative officer for the School, shall be responsible to the Board for the recruitment and employment of all personnel, for the development of curriculum, administrative rules, regulations and procedures to implement the educational program within the framework of State and Federal laws, rulings and regulations of the State Department of Education and the policies of the School Board.

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

1. Serving as the executive administrative officer of the School Board, and shall be charged with the responsibility of interpreting and implementing the policies of the Board. Shall prepare the agenda for each meeting, shall attend all meetings and participate in all deliberations of the Board.

2. Administering the Schools in conformity with the adopted policies of the Board and the rules and regulations of the State Department of Education and in accordance with State and Federal statutes.

3. Developing administrative procedures and regulations for implementing Board policies.

4. Ensuring the policies, systems and procedures are established to manage and control the school to the academic standards specified by the Board, ensuring the curriculum is up to date and regularly reviewed.

5. Recommending employees for appointment, demotion, transfer or dismissal in accordance with State law and the policies and contracts of the School Board.

6. Recommending an annual budget to the School Board prior to July of each year.

7.. Making expenditures within the budget subject to the limitations of Board policy and State laws.

8. Devising and maintaining a system of reports to keep parents informed of the attendance, scholarship, conduct and health of their children.

9. Keeping necessary school records, personnel records, reports by supervisors, principals, teachers and other employees.

10. Developing a School-Community Relations Program through school publications, newspaper releases and other appropriate media with the objective of providing the School Board, school personnel and community with all possible information on the operation of the school program.


Holds at least a Master’s degree in education or related field with an emphasis in administration and supervision or curriculum development.

Holds a valid professional teaching certificate.

Has at least 15 years experience in education and school management, with at least 5 in a similar role.

Must be a fluent Arabic and English speaker.

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